What is Ping Pong Pros?

Ping Pong Pro edition is a wild and awesome version of Ping Pong. This new epic variation of Ping Pong only requires a Ping Pong ball and a paddle. Read the rules and play some games together. Whoever has won the most games after that is declared UltraChamp. The UltraChamp is the ultimate winner!

How to play

Ping Pong Pro edition is very different than regular Ping Pong. To start off, one player hits the ball to the other player. The only thing that registers this hit valid is that it leaves your circle. Your circle is an imaginary circle around you. The player then has to hit the ball out of their circle in response. If the flow is stopped, the opponent of the person who messses up gains a point. If the ball just stops, like if it hits a carpet and stops bouncing, and the ball previously bounced outside the sender's circle, the sender gets a point. Otherwise, no point is awarded.

Our leaderboard

Player Games Won Status
Hawriama 5 UltraChamp
Dutchess of Death 3 2nd
The Tech Dude 1 Last

Make your own leaderboard

All you need is to play some games! Then draw out a leaderboard similar to our's. Make a crown for the UltraChamp.